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High Definition and Zero Latency 4K HDMI Extender Transmitter And Receiver Kit

▪ 4K HDMI extender-DK01
▪ Patented technology products
▪ Supports 4K UHD/HD resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz refresh rates
▪ Perfect for large rooms, multimedia display, and small commercial applications
▪ Transmit from an HDMI enabled source to up to 2 TVs with additional receivers




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The DK01 HDMI extender(4K HDMI Extender)is a transmission device that can transmit ultra high-definition audio and video signals to an HD TV or high-definition projector through a network cable. Lossless transmission is widely used in engineering display, outdoor advertising, multimedia classrooms, monitoring centers, home theaters, and other occasions.

The DK01 HDMI extender with HDMI connection offers professional-grade features, reliability, and video signal interference protection. Extend the range of an HDMI display up to 393 feet using a Cat 5e/6 cable. Achieve 4K support resolutions of 3840*2160P@30hz up to 262 feet from the source and 1080p @ 30Hz HD resolutions up to 393 feet away through a single extender. The Extender is ideal for use in home theaters, conference rooms, multimedia display or other environments where high quality video is needed at extended ranges.

The DK01 HDMI extender is your perfect partner for combining the highest HDMI video quality together with a Gigabit interface. No fooling around with settings, just plug in and off you go. Aluminum alloy housing design, stable and durable; compact size and Slim, strong anti-interference, Wall-mounted type is more convenient.


Bi-directional IR signal

Extends an HDMI connection up to 393 ft. via one Cat5e/6 cable

HDMI Anti-Jamming resist signal interference during video transmission

Transmit source from HDMI in port to HDMI out port via Cat5e/6 cable

HDCP1.4 Content protection and 1.4B HDMI version


Source with HDMI input

Display with HDMI output


1.HDMI Transmitter X 1pc

2.HDMI Receiver X 1pc

3.DC5V/1A Power Adapter X 2pcs

4. IR Transmitter Cable X 1pc

5. IR Receiver Cable X 1pc

6. User Manual X 1pc

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    Model DK01 4K HDMI Extender
    Material Aluminum alloy
    HDCP HDCP1.4
    HDMI Version HDMI 1.4B
    HDMI Resolution Support 3D, Max Resolution 4K@30hz/1080P@60hz Backward compatible
    HDMI Input/Output Cable Length ≤8 Meters (AWG26 HDMI Standard Cable)
    Network Cable Transmission Length (1080P cat5e/6) ≤120 meters
    Network Cable Transmission Length (2160P cat5e/6) ≤80 meters
    Maximum Bandwidth Transmission: 340MHz
    Maximum Transmission Rate 340MHz
    Operating temperature range 0 to + 55 ° C
    Dimension 110*58*20 mm *2
    Net weight 100g *2


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